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Megy Teckhonia Megy Teckhonia 23 September 2016

Introducing FanonLand News

We are hereby to introduce the FanonLand News -- a tri-blog listed news to keep up in the know throughout our fanfictional works.

They are divided into three news areas:

The FanonLand Times
Fanfictional news in the FanonLand universe. So be creative!
Staff News
News about our administraive team from FanonLand Wiki.
Site News
This kind of news centralizes the FanonLand Wiki's site updates -- usually operated by the admin of site designing team, Megy Teckhonia.

When making news blogs, make sure it's categorized by the three mentioned news feeds above! They will also shown in our Home Page.

Be creative!

Megy Teckhonia
FanonLand Wiki's Admin of Wiki Site Designing Team
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Megy Teckhonia Megy Teckhonia 19 September 2016

About our home page

Hi everyone,

As a site designer, I created a several Blog Listings here on FanonLand Wiki since I've been working hard on revamping from another Wikia, the Monster Super League, which I'm now also part of the admin team. Right now, if OliverWestern accepted the offer to revamp the FanonLand Wiki's home page, I'll do it.

The home page has still with the remnants prior to the reboot, so I need to clear it up and make it "Under Construction". So be patient when I revamping the Home Page!

I'll do the best I can.

Megy Teckhonia
Wiki Site Designing Team of FanonLand Wiki
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