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Chinatsu Yoshikawa
吉川 ちなつ
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Chinatsu Yoshikawa (吉川 ちなつ Yoshikawa Chinatsu?) is a Yuru Yuri character.


The majority of the time Chinatsu has a cute and rather innocent personality (it is shown that she will exhibit that more whenever she is around Yui Funami). Whenever she and Akari Akaza are alone, she is persistent to know more about Yui (as seen in Episode 5, she makes a Yui-senpai test that she gave to Akari but ends up kissing her).

She was exhausted by the effort of posing as Mirakurun to make Mari (Yui's relative) happy (although seeming genuinely satisfied when it made her happy), taking on a tired, abrupt attitude. Upon having realized that Chinatsu isn't quite like Mirakurun, Mari has since grown melancholic about her.

In episode 11 it was revealed that she once bullied Akari, Kyōko and Yui at a playground before they knew each other.

Despite her cute facade, she often reveals a frightening inner self, which is shown in her horrifying drawings, as well as her sewing and cooking skills, and the fact that she forcefully kissed Akari.

Chinatsu is terrified of scary things, as shown when she gets teased by Kyōko on many occasions (and once by Chitose). She is utterly frightened on both occasions when she watches a horror movie, also scaring the person watching it with her. For Yui, this resulted in scary arm-shaped bruises on her own arm where Chinatsu was clutching it. In Akari's case this gave her a huge shock when she saw Chinatsu's weird expression during the movie.