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This is the good version, if your looking for the bad version, see Cody. Or perhaps Cody Connelly?

Cody is a character.


He usually acts like Flippy from Happy Tree friends. His deaths usually involve sharp objects, or his head.

HTF Form

He is shown to be a Blue rabbit. His deaths in HTF form are shown to be more brutal than his normal form.

Vital statistics
Position Retired admin
Age 13 (In real life) 11 (Claimed by IA) 10 (In GoGang Junior) 17 (In RPs, or episodes)
Status Alive (In the RPs/Episodes) Possibly dead (Real life)
Physical attributes
Height 6.9 (Everything except GoGang Jr.) 4.9 (GoGang Jr.)
Weight 57 lbs


He is notable for his deaths.

  1. Thrown off a mountain by Mima
  2. Flaky rips out his heart.
  3. GoGang Junior: Older And Stronger: Catapulted into a wood chipper.
  4. Lit on fire by James when told to be killed by him.
  5. Ran over by Chrome's car
  6. shot in the head by Shawn
  7. Dies from his injuries
  8. Explodes when all the FNAF characters die
  9. Decapitated, along with Cuddles.
  10. Cody's blood fest: Stabbed through the back of the head
  11. Cody's blood fest: stabbed with many knives
  12. Cody's blood fest: Hit by Igor's car
  13. Cody's blood fest: gets shot multiple times by a bow and arrow
  14. Cody's blood fest: Drowns.
  15. Cody's blood fest: Hit in the head with a Baseball bat with nails.
  16. Cody's blood fest: Electricuted by an electric socket.
  17. Cody's 2nd blood fest: Drinks poison and his chest explodes
  18. Cody's 2nd blood fest: Sliced in half by Codysuckz123.
  19. Cody's 2nd blood fest: Touched by death.
  20. Cody's 2nd blood fest: pukes his organs
  21. Cody's 2nd blood fest: Cut by knife and bleeds to death
  22. stabbed through the chest by OliverWestern (Accidental)
  23. Commercial 1: Trips and bleeds to death
  24. Commercial 2: Entire face cut off by IA
  25. Commercial 3: blinded and shot through the head by Nova
  26. Commercial 5: He starves to death.
  27. South GoGang Park: Neck silted by Eric Cartman
  28. Chainsawed in half
  29. falls off a cliff
  30. vaporized by a laser
  31. Cody's Time Travel: 1: Thrown off a cliff by Mima, 2: Stabbed through the back by a lamp post, 3: 9001 bees sting him
  32. Cody's 3rd blood fest: Frozen by Igor, then turned into many ice cubes.
  33. Cody's 3rd blood fest: Many pieces of glass cut him and he bleeds to death
  34. Cody's 3rd blood fest: DiEs by Darwin's cuteness
  35. Cody's 3rd blood fest: Head blown off by a rifle
  36. Cody's 3rd blood fest: Heart impaled by a pen
  37. A nuke kills him, along with the entire HTF cast
  38. Turned to gold, assumed dead after the episode
  39. burried in snow.
  40. A hoard of dogs maul multiple Codies to death
  41. Same as above
  42. Same as above
  43. Same as above
  44. Shot in the head by an NES Zapper
  45. Crushed when he tries to catch Roadrunner, along with Coyote.
  46. Stuffed into a Freddy Fazbear suit.
  47. Black Yoshi shoots him with his Zapper
  48. Ms. Puff impales him.
  49. Dies in Iwata's funeral after he has a heart attack
  50. A bowling ball hits him in the head and breaks his skull while celebrating his 50th death
  51. crushed by a pool table
  52. Suffers epilepsy
  53. GoGang Junior: The Game: if you lose: Explodes, but blood is shown. If you win: Cody drowns off screen
  54. Suffers a cat allergy and chokes to death
  55. Pushed off his house's roof by Clarence, assumed dead.
  56. Crushed by Igor's mansion.
  57. Shot in the head, along with Lumpy.
  58. Possibly dies when he crashes his plane.
  59. A ninja star stabs him in the head, along with Evil Cody.
  60. Mauled by several snapping turtles.
  61. Uses his atomic F-bomb, possibly dies in the explosion.
  62. Killed offscreen when he kills Igor. (Offscreen)
  63. Crushed by the axle of a lever when pulled by a rope.
  64. Dies when he falls off the swings.
  65. Lit on fire.
  66. Knocked out by a transquizer gun, then falls into a volcano.
  67. Jaw cut off by a power line.
  68. Mauled by several killer bunnies.
  69. Strangled by a donut
  70. Unknown. Dead body shown.
  71. His head is cut in half by a katana
  72. Turkeys eat out his eye
  73. Stabbed from the eye out the back of his head.
  74. A gas leakage kills him.
  75. Cody's hands are ripped off, and he flies into a jet engine.
  76. A fan slices him to death.
  77. Lava rain burns him to death
  78. An electric chair shocks him to death
  79. Head and hand is blown off by a cannon
  80. Killed by TNT
  81. Stabbed by an axe numerous times
  82. shredded to death by a wood chipper
  83. Hits a wall when his chain gets stuck on the train wheels
  84. shot in the eyes by Death
  85. Raven eats him
  86. drowns in the ocean
  87. The Kraken decapitates him.
  88. Suffocates on hair
  89. Multiple Codys are tortured
  90. Same as above
  91. same as above
  92. same as above
  93. same as above
  94. same as above
  95. same as above
  96. same as above
  97. same as above
  98. same as above
  99. same as above
  100. same as above
  101. Suffers a concussion and dies
  102. Electricuted by a phone when he falls in the water.
  103. Gets trapped under icy water.
  104. His ear gets cut off.
  105. Cody's 4th gore fest: Many tranquizers stab him.
  106. Cody's 4th gore fest: Attacked by sharks
  107. Cody's GoGang Junior Gore Fest: Decapitated by TGB1
  108. Cody's GoGang Junior Gore Fest: Touched by Death
  109. Lasers blind him, burn his eyes, and to finish off, slices his head and arms off
  110. Loud music bursts his ears, and then he explodes
  111. Turned into smoke.
  112. Turned into lasagna, ate by Garfield.
  113. Explodes after he rage quits by playing Hey! you! Pikachu!
  114. Decapitated by a gulliotine, hits Sophie in the head instead of his head landing in the basket
  115. Baikinman and him are killed by killer bunnies.
  116. Cody's Back!: After being turned into a LOLSKELETON, he is hit with a baseball bat, and his bones shatter.
  117. A electric fence appears on him and he is electricuted
  118. Ran over by at least 20 cars
  119. Burned on fire (Debatable. He is almost completly burned but walking before falling down)
  120. Trampled by the GoGang
  121. Completely disinegrates
  122. Green Cody: Shoots himself. Red Cody: Explodes after listening to calming music. Blue Cody: Runs down stairs and falls down them and loses his skin.
  123. Blasted by Dark Nico


  1. Attacked by Mima 2 times, healed by Igor, attacked again. (Before death)
  2. His skin of his head is sliced off.
  3. Titanic 2: His face his punched, and he gets a bruised eye
  4. His arm is tore off by The Evil Windows XP, he then jumps off a cliff and gets many cuts and breaks his arm. Then he is shot by black Yoshi.


Shrek: 10

Nova: 2

Igor: 1

30 police officers (Some accidental)

50 zombies

Lady Legasus: 1 (Accidental)

Rainbow Dash: 6 (3 Accidental)

Mima: 39

Tempest: 1 (Accidental. Note: he was at NoGang during this time)

T-Rex: 6 (All accidental)

Bowser: 1 (Accidental)

DeviousDieselFan1999: 90 (5 kills were at the same time as he died.)


"Ahh... My heart." -Cody, before he has a heart attack

"Hah. Since you're so weak. I bet you could die anytime." -Cody, to IA as he mocks him.

"WAIT. DON'T KILL THE FNAF CHARA-" -Cody seconds before he explodes.

"Oh my god. SHUT THE FUCK UP!" -Cody when IA argues with him

"I can." -Cody revealing his elemental powers.

"OH FUCKING WAIT. THIS IS MY CREEPYPASTA." -Cody seconds before he gets frozen by Igor.

"Screw you guys, I AM GOING HOME." -Cody, to Bubbles.

"No. WE SHOULD (Long bleep) GET OUT." -Cody's longest cursing

"What the fuck? I am- OH GOD, IT IS GARFIELD, HE IS GONNA EAT ME!" -Cody after he is turned into lasagna

"Mmm.. That was go- WAIT, WHAT?" -Cody after eating a 400 Degrees fehrenhiet pizza

"Eww.. You said Vagina." -Cody's first time saying Vagina

"FUCK YOU, NOVA! (Punch) READY TO DIE YOU BITCH WHORE?" -Cody, before and after he punches Nova.

Survival Rate

Normal RPs/Episodes: 59%

GoGang Junior: 76%

IA's series: 90%


  • Cody is elemental, which could explain something.
  • Cody is based off Kenny Mckormick from South Park, or Cuddles from HTF.
  • He is shown to have a Nintendo 64
  • Cody has more than 300+ appearances.
  • Cody, after his 110 deaths, doesn't die often and kills more than dies.
  • He also curses the most. With over 450 swears
  • He's the only character in GoGang Junior, who has died.
  • Cody has been to Millitary school in Nico gets sent to Military School! due to the fact that he dies way too much