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Welcome to the FanonLand Wiki!
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We currently have 452 pages since the wiki was first created in July 2015, and you can help!

By the end of 2017, we also hope to be a direct back-up to both Power Rangers Fanon Wiki and Fantendo Wiki, that is our goal.

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GoAnimate Related Articles
No GoAnimate related articles are permitted on this wiki. Articles that have GoAnimate content in them, unless removed, will automatically be imported to the GoAnimate v2 wiki.
Pages of Characters with Fan-made Evil Counterparts
All pages for any character with a fan-made evil counterpart will need to have either "Dark" at the beginning of their name, or "Evil Version" in brackets. For example, if a user had Nintendo character Link as one of the antagonists, but did not want to offend those who like Link, the article for that particular version of Link can be titled either "Dark Link" or "Link (Evil Version)". This could see the title "Link (Hero)" (or just simply "Link") being used for both the Good Guy version, and the original version.
Hall of Fame
The FanonLand Hall of Fame
Username Added in Hall of Fame Reason
GensokyoAngel1 July 19, 2016 Helped in the Redesign.
Megy Teckhonia2 August 11, 2016 Made the 700th page.
KingFawful20173 September 1, 2016 Made the 800th page.
  1. Formerly known as Igor the Mii before he moved to his alternate account on September 11, 2016.
  2. Formerly known as LinuxFan399 prior to his new alternate Wikia account creation on September 13, 2016.
  3. Formerly known as Pingy Animatronic prior to his new alternate Wikia account creation on September 11, 2016.
One more thing: Note to all Bureaucrats
When a user is applying for Adminship, please follow the following rules:

  1. Have the user in question successfully make 250 Edits before deciding whether or not to give them Rollback status.
  2. Rollbacks must successfully make at least 500 Edits before Bureaucrats decide whether or not to give them Moderator status.
  3. Moderators must successfully make 2,000 edits, and ensure that no vandalism has taken place. Bureaucrats will then decide whether or not they become an Admin.
  4. If Admins have successfully made 4,000 Edits on this wiki, only then will the Bureaucrats decide whether or not to give them Bureaucrat status.

This process may be slow and painful. However, it is the only way that prevention of Admin Abuse can be guaranteed on this wiki. Finally, please do not promote anyone to Admin or Bureaucrat without OliverWestern's permission.

And remember: Anyone caught abusing their Admin/Bureaucrat powers will be immediately asked to step down.

Oliverwestern's Anything Goes Wiki
Here, you'll find information about the characters that are created by users from either here or Fantendo. You will also find article about actual Fictional characters used widely in Fanon.
If you need to go to an administrator directly, use this box.

Oliverwestern · Arend · NovaPen · Athena Hawkins

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Welcome to FanonLand Wiki.

Welcome to FanonLand Wiki
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