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The Disruptive Editing Chart
Find out the users' incidents by such massive vandalism and abusive behavior.

This is a list of contributors who have been banned from this wiki.

Admins will place each banned user in the appropriate categories as soon they are currently banned. The higher the number (Zero being the lowest and Ten being the highest) the more likely you will be unblocked. If you're wondering about the Admin Mistakes section, that is there to point out (but must be removed within a week of being placed there) any mistakes that an Admin has accidentally made. That only applies to our current Admin team.

Unless they have violated a rule that dishes out indefinite bans (as seen in the section 0: Banned indefinitely), the maximum punishment that can be given out at any one time is a ban for six months.

Admin Mistakes

0: Banned indefinitely

1: Banned for six months

2: Banned for five months

3: Banned for four months

4: Banned for three months

5: Banned for two months

6: Banned for a month

7: Banned for three weeks

8: Banned for a fortnight

9: Banned for a week

10: Banned for three days

Have yet to be arranged