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Meet our administration staff of the FanonLand Wiki.

This page has the list of all of our current and former Admins/Bureaucrats in table format alongside a key (massive thanks to GoAnimateFan199Pro for that). Please show these guys respect or otherwise you will be banned.


Reinstated This user got their admin privileges back.
On Leave This user is taking time off from Wikia, but will still keep his or her Bureaucrat and Admin Powers.
Active This user is making contributions frequently.
Returned This user has came out of retirement, otherwise from a hiatus or a global block.
Break This user is currently inactive, but not long enough to make a hiatus.
Legendary This user no longer uses this wiki, but will still keep his or her Bureaucrat and Admin Powers.
Revoked This user has lost admin privileges.
Semi-Inactive This user is currently getting prepared to step down as Admin.
Hiatus This user is currently inactive.
Unregistered This user has not yet made any contributions, or has made less than five.
Dormancy This user has been inactive for over 3 months, and is set to lose their place on the Admin team in 31 days.
Retired This user has retired/stepped down as an admin.
Danger This user is in danger of losing their Adminship due to Admin Abuse.
Banned This user was banned due to inappropriate behavior, but still has Admin rights.
Revoked/Banned This user has lost admin privileges, and was banned due to inappropriate behaviour.
Blocked This user has been globally blocked from Wikia.
Closed This user closed their account or their account was disabled by Wikia.
Closed/Blocked This user was forced to close their account down/forced to disable their account as a direct result of being globally blocked from Wikia.
Deceased This user has passed away, but will still keep his or her Bureaucrat and Admin Powers.

Current Nintendo Admin Team (February 2017-prersent)

Username Role(s) Current Status
OliverWestern Founder Active
Arend Deputy Unregistered
Jokey Administrator Unregistered
Athena Administrator Unregistered
Cash Money Chat Moderator Unregistered

Current FanonLand Admin Team (2018-present)

Username Role(s) Current Status
OliverWestern Founder Active
Goomba Admin/Deputy Active
Makomi Admin/Deputy Active

Semi-inactive Admins

This section has Admins who may also have Bureaucrat Powers. Current Admins are placed here if they have been inactive for more than three months. Former Admins are also put in this section, should they refuse to rule out a return to this wiki.

All those marked with an asterisks (*) will lose their Admin and Bureaucrat powers in the coming weeks.

Username Role(s) Current Status

Former Admins

This section has a list of our former Admins. Any Admin with the current status "Retired" can send an Admin request to OliverWestern at any time, and he'll tell you how many edits you are away from becoming an Admin. If it was "Revoked" for one reason or another, you will only have thirty-one days to prove that you are remorseful and sorry for the reason of Adminship being revoked.

Username Current Status Where are they now?
Sophie the Otter Retired Creativeness Wiki
Driller Retired Drillimation
thegoldenbrick1 Retired Creation/Creativeness Wiki
Chrome Retired Retired from Fandom
Caleb40043 Retired GoAnimate Wiki
Rainbow1000 Closed Account is no longer active
James the Animator Retired Creativeness Wiki
Megy Teckhonia Retired Discord
Sammy Darkness Retired Retired from fandom
GoAnimateFan199Pro Retired Wikipedia
Blue Mario Retired GoAnimate Community Wiki Owner
Robbie Retired Retired from Fandom
Gemma the Good Witch Retired Various Wikis