Request for administration
Be the one to promote an administrator of the FanonLand Wiki!

On this page, you can apply for Adminship and/or Bureaucratship for this wiki.


To sucessfully be promoted (which a Bureaucrat/Admin cannot do without OliverWestern's permission), they must meet the following condition(s):

  • He/she has made 2,000 edits to this wiki.

How to nominate a user for administraion

You can either nominate yourself or somebody else to nominate you. Follow the procedure to nominate a user for adminship:

  1. Click the "Nominate a User for Adminship" button below to get started.
  2. Please use the Source Editor, there will be commented guide in order to place a nominee.
  3. Use the {{RfA}} template. See the template documentation for the parameters. However, the template must to have subst: on it. Thus it should be {{subst:RfA}}.
  4. If a user is nominated somebody else, a candidate must indicate whether he/she accepted or not—don't forget to sign with four tildes (~~~~). If you nominated yourself, just remove it.

RfA discussion

This is a voting forum for every administration candidacy. There are 3 sections of voting: Support, Neutral and Oppose. Use the voting templates based on those sections mentioned earlier. Again, make sure you have signed with four tildes (~~~~) when voting! The more Support votes, the founder will likely granted for administrive privileges.

Nominate now

Ready to nominate for an adminship? Click the button below to get started!

Nominate a User for Adminship

Current nominations for administration/bureaucrat

Current time is Wednesday, 29 January 2020 01:21:28 (UTC)

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There are no current nominations.

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