Five Nights at GoAnimate V4 Wiki is a FNAF 4 Mod.


  • Igor: Nightmare Freddy
  • Pingy: Nightmare Bonnie
  • Kokona Haruka: Nightmare Chica
  • James: Nightmare Foxy
  • Mirror Igor: Nightmare Fredbear
  • Dark Mirror Igor: Nightmare
  • Pingdre: Plushtrap

Halloween Update

  • Jack-O-Pingy: Jack-O-Bonnie
  • Jack-O-Kokona: Jack-O-Chica
  • Chrome: Nightmare BB
  • Cody: Nightmarionne
  • TGB1: Nightmare Mangle

Easter Eggs

  • A Flandre Plush can be seen on the shelve.
  • Some LEGO Sets and Figurines appear in the bedroom.
  • Portraits of IA, KK, and Chrome are seen in the background.
  • There is a Caillou doll with it's head missing on the shelve.


  • So far, Pingy and Kokona are the only ones to have a re-skin in the Halloween Update.