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Jadyyn Vanzoh (pronounced Jay-dihn Vahn-zoh) is my fantroll, as well as my half-trollsona (my name isn't Jadyn/Jaden/Jayden/whatever).


He is a troll, which is an alien race in the webcomic Homestuck. He has gray skin and horns colored similarly to candy corn. He wears a dorky outfit that seems to be inspired by many anime and video games. He has black hair with three purple streaks making a similar shape to that of the Greek letter Psi (Ψ). He is a yellow blood, just like his twin brother, Sollux.


Jadyyn loves memes, anime, and video games. He doesn't usually hang out with people too often, though, unless it's either a serious mission or his matesprit, Vriska.


Sollux Captor

Sollux is Jadyyn's twin brother. Both care about each other equally as much, and they are both total nerds. [WIP]

Vriska Serket

Vriska is Jadyyn's matesprit. They seemed to be meant to be, but a curse was placed upon Jadyyn by his ancestor, so that if he were to be in a relationship, he would never be able to survive within 413 months, 612 days, and 111 hours. He secretly keeps a body pillow of Vriska, however, along with Muffet and Ashley (WarioWare).

Kevin Egbert

Jadyyn is Kevin's patron troll. [WIP]