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A screenshot of a Google Image Search results page (as of October 29, 2016). The screenshot involves of searching for Mio Masuyama's name in Japanese (鱒山 実魚) as their search keyword. She claims that she is a fish eater based on the relevant results presenting the photos of fish.

Kanji naming lookup is a semi-trend where users looking up their Japanese names of the Yandere Simulator character and OCs that are written in kanji (漢字) via image search engines (particularly Google).



The origin of this trend is ultimately uncertain -- however, when the user GensokyoAngel established his own wiki on January 15, 2016, the Community Plaza Wiki, they planned to start his wiki due to high amounts of non-GoAnimate articles from this wiki (which was then called GoAnimate 2 Wiki, which were allowed to create content related to GoAnimate). Sometime later, Community Plaza became known for the Japanese-related fanon, such as anime fanfics and anime original characters.

Another user, Megy Teckhonia (by that time was called LinuxFan399), tried to make tons of anime original characters, and added with their names written in kanji, including other people's OCs -- which those names came from an online Japanese dictionary, Tangorin.


On June 24, 2016, Megy Teckhonia posted a screenshot of Google Images via Creation Wiki. The screenshot, involves looking up Katori Shinami's name in native Japanese script (斯波 華禽). This was the first screenshot to present images on what she is, based on their images. Because the kanji are actually the Chinese characters for Japanese, most of the image results are in Chinese as a top priority (if outside Google Japan).

On August 30, 2016, GensokyoAngel made an original character named Setsuna Taiyo. Megy Teckhonia edited to adapt on naming her in Japanese (太陽 切奈). When he looked up on Google Images with her kanji name as a search keyword, posted a screenshot on the said article's comment section -- claiming that Setsuna Taiyo is a basketball player and a big eater, which is based on the image results (mostly images of foods and certain basketball players).


The trend is basically when a user is right-clicking the highlighted text in kanji, then clicks the "Search Google for '[character name in kanji]'" (if using Google Chrome) from a certain page of a Yandere Simulator character or an original character, and finally goes to the Google Image Search results.

The character's trait from their kanji is based on the image results of what he/she is. For example, the original character Riina Taida (紿田 吏鮪楠) claims that she is a big eater because the photos are mostly sushi and other Asian food. Note that the image search engines' results will be changed overtime from the server.

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