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Luna is one of the Colored versions of Cherry created by Sophie the Otter. He is a practical trickster and sly schemer who often unintentionally causes major disasters, thus winding up receiving consequences. He is a raven in his creator's fanon but a feminine-looking human (resembling a Pullip doll) in other versions. His preferred types of magic are darkness and lunar. He often smiles, usually in the same fashion as the Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. His best friend is another Cherry named Neco.


  • Full Name: Luna Tabitha Ravens
  • Date of Birth: November 13th, 1987
  • Age: 28
  • Traits: Sly, Playful, Mischievous, Wicked, Curious, Inquisitive, Daring, Soft-spoken
  • Gender: Male
  • Voice: Tween Girl
  • Non-GoAnimate Voice: Terri Hawkes
  • Mood: Happy
  • Likes: Gothic Lolita fashion, Goth girls, Gwen from Total Drama, Crimson from The Ridonculous Race, the moon, pulling pranks, playing with his friends, climbing trees, exploring, spiders, the Twilight series, Halloween, costumes
  • Dislikes: Harsh sunlight, vegetables especially garlic and onions, getting into trouble, getting grounded, mobs chasing him


In Sophie the Otter's fanon, he is depicted as an anthropomorphic raven with a ponytail and a tuft of feathers with a navy blue highlight. His eyes are drawn as black beads and wears a purple dress.

In human form, he has black hair in a long ponytail complete with navy blue highlights. He has large light hazel eyes with eyelashes and a pale complexion. He is around 5 feet, 5 inches tall and has a complete feminine build. He wears a purple dress with blue fishnet stockings, black boots, and a white hairbow attached to his ponytail. He resembles Pullip dolls.

His Pokémon Team

  • A Nidoqueen named Beatrix
  • An Umbreon named Blacky
  • A Sneasel named Tricky
  • A Gothorita named Cutie
  • A Lunatone named Usagi
  • An Absol named Lute


  • He is the only Cherry whose fashion is a gothic type