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Daniella Verducci-Mario
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Daniella Verducci-Mario

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Daniella Verducci-Mario (dubbed Pauline by Nintendo; formerly known as Lady) is a fictional character in the Mario Series. She is Jumpman's girlfriend. She is most famous for getting kidnapped by Donkey Kong I (Cranky Kong), and Donkey Kong III (the current Donkey Kong).

Pauline had a long absence from the Mario games until Mario vs Donkey Kong, and eventually made her debut as President Pauline of New Donk City in Super Mario Odyssey.

In Super Mario Odyssey, it is revealed that Pauline became the President of New Donk City. She is also a singer.

Sometime in March 2019, Pauline made her Mario Sports debut as a DLC character for Mario Tennis Aces.

In September 2019, Pauline also made her Mario Kart debut.

It should be noted that because of her link with the Mushroom Kingdom, Pauline is technically the fourth Mario Princess alongside Peach, Daisy and Rosalina.

Fantendo Land

In Fantendo Land, Pauline is Jumpman's widowed wife, making her Mario and Luigi's mother.