Pingy-Toondre is a game developed by Pingy Game Productions, it is inspired by the 2000 game Banjo-Tooie


2 years passed, after Mima's defeat, Yandere-Chan decides to revive Mima from her grave and start plotting revenge on Pingy and Flandre once and for all!

Intro Transcript

[Cut to a dark cloudy scene.]

[2 Years passed after Mima's defeat.]

[Yandere-Chan struggles to get the rock out of Mima's hole]

Yandere-Chan: "No good, Mima still can't shift rock, all because of a stupid penguin and Gensokyo vampire."

[Cut to a house]

[Igor, Info-Chan, Pingy, and Flandre are playing Poker]

Igor: "Igor play well, has much of Pingy's cash."

Pingy: "He's right Flandre, there goes your droplets of blood"

Flandre: "Don't be so sure Pingy, HEY LOOK GUYS! MIMA THE SPIRIT IS COMING!"

[Everybody looks at the window.]

Igor: "I can't see Mima the Woman- I mean, Mima the Spirit anywhere!"

[Flandre steals one of Igor's cash]

Flandre: "False alarm guys, must've seen some shadows, C'mon Mii face, let's get this game going!"

[Cuts to outside]

[The M1M@ Drill crashes into a wall]

[Cuts to a house again]

Info: "Stop rocking the table! Your making me sick!"