Pingy World is a game developed by Pingy Game Productions, it is inspired by the 1999 game Pac-Man World

Intro Transcript

[Cut to the Pingy Manor]

[Pingy's robot dog is carrying a present]

[However, the present falls into a hole]

[Pingy's robot dog picks it up again]

[Mummy hands grab the dog]

[Pingdre and Chuck (Panty and Stocking) are walking]

[A anchor appears and it grabs Pingdre]

[The anchor bonks on Chuck's head and it grabs him too]

[Igor is on front of the manor, soon, he is carried away, UFO style.

[ [Insert who is Pac-kid here] is on front of the house]

[a robot takes his hat then it takes the [pac-kid].]

[cut to flandre]

Cutscene 2 Transcript


Cutscene 3 Transcript


Cutscene 4 Transcript



Here are the casts who plays the roles of the character. WIP