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Rin Hoshizora
星空 凛
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Rin Hoshizora (星空 凛 Hoshizora Rin?) is a Love Live! Character.


Rin appears to be a tomboy due to playing sports and not wearing a skirt when she was a child. She mostly teases Koizumi Hanayo and appears to be with her most of the time. She is very energetic and had attempted to hug every member of µ's. Her personality is similar to Kousaka Honoka's because they're both determined and hard-working. For example, in Season 1 Episode 7, Rin, Honoka and Yazawa Nico had to work hard to pass exams in order to enter the Love Live! tournament, and are known as the "San baka (三馬鹿 lit. Three Idiots?)".

She also usually ends her sentences with nya~! (Meow). In addition, she sometimes acts like a cat and does the signature curved mouth look. In one of the songs, she even dressed up in a costume with cat ears and a tail.

In the Community Plaza Fanon

She is the main character of the episode Rin! Rin! Rin! Alongside the other Rins.