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Salty Alty is a character from Karoler's GoAnimates. He originated from Karoler's first goanimate, Salty Alty and has been starring in Karoler's animations ever since. He is known as "Salty Alty" due to him getting extremely angry over small things.


Salty Beginnings

Salty alty was first created as a joke video in GoAnimate. He was made to represent Karoler's 8th Grade teacher, who was known to get very salty. Salty Alty has starred in many GoAnimates including Salty Alty, Way Of The Salt, and many others.

Salty Traits

Salty Alty is an old, someone overweight man with teal blue eyes, salt grey hair, and is always wearing a buisness suit. Salty Alty also has a cigar in his mouth most of the time, due to him smoking a lot. If you look in Salty Alty's shirt pocket, you can see money. No one knows how he got this money, some say it was from being salty.

GoAnimates He Starred In

Salty Alty

Revenge Of The Salted (WIP)

Way Of The Salt

Salty Fun Facts

Salty Alty has a real name, it is Mark.

Although salty alty is good, he can sometimes be selfish.

Despite being known as "Salty Alty", he has only gotten salty a couple of times through out his adventures.