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SuperPingyLogan is a video series based on SuperMarioLogan. It is created by Pingy, and co-created by Igor and TGB1.


  • Pingy as Mario
  • TGB1 as Black Yoshi
  • Oliverwestern as Shrek
  • Bubsy (User) as Woody
  • Lrrr as Bowser
  • Jrrr as Bowser Junior
  • TSB1 as Chef Pee Pee
  • Sophie as Toad
  • James as Mr. Pig
  • LordPluto as Joseph
  • DogKeng as Cody
  • Igor as Luigi
  • Dallas Jones as Tanner (since they are both bullies)
  • Flandre as Peach
  • Barney as Charleyyy
  • SpongeBob as Doofy The Dragon
  • Peanut Otter as DK
  • Baby Butter as Diddy Kong
  • Cuddles as Yoshi
  • Chrome as Wario
  • KK as Waluigi
  • Lightning McQueen as Thomas
  • Mater as The Ugly Red (Brown) One
  • Sally as Percy
  • Doc Hudson as Hiro
  • Alex Kimble as Officer Goodman
  • L Ryan as Brooklyn Guy


(Cast may change later on)