• Looks like we're moving some pages to either the Creation Wiki or the Nihon Fanon wiki. It looks pretty good so far, even though it's a little slow. I appreciate that you have decided to turn this wiki into a video game wiki, so you're moving some anime and cartoon-related pages to two different wikis. Makes sense to me. 

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    • I don't think you got what's going on in terms of moving content quite well:

      • Creation Wiki and Nihon Fanon allow anything (for Nihon Fanon's case, GoAnimate, Bitstrips and Plotagon isn't allowed) that doesn't violate Wikia's Terms of Service.
      • Any anime-related content on this wiki or GoAnimate V2 Wiki goes to Nihon Fanon
      • Anything else that isn't related to anime, nintendo or sega goes to Creation WIki
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