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"When you look ahead into the future, you'll be able to see all the wonderful possibilities that come from your imagination."

-Jenny Williams, aka JessicaFin23

Jenny Williams (aka JessicaFin23)
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July 18


Reading, writing, contributing to wikis


Mental intellect and persistence


Rachel Lambton (HardWorkingGirlonTheGo)

My name is Jennifer Alice Williams, but you may call me Jenny. I have contributed to many wikis, so some of you might be familiar with my name. The next time you see my username on the Recent Wiki Activity page, don't be surprised that I made a new edit to one of your pages. I am able to edit more than 5 wiki pages in less than a minute, because I am quite fast when it comes to typing and writing. During my free time, I enjoy reading books, finding information on topics that I'm interested in, and working on wikis.

When I was young, I was quite shy and insecure, because I was worried that some kids, popular or not-so popular, would make fun of me for my geekiness, perespective in life, and accent (I have a notable Australian accent, although it sometimes has a little bit of New York in it). However, over time, I became more social and interacted with others more. And even though I'm slightly shy at times, I also have a cheerful, humorous side. I also have a sense of quick-thinking ingenuity, and I can come up with plans very quickly.

I'm intelligent, compassionate, and rational. I'm known to be extremely "genre savvy", as I've contributed to more than 50 wikis. I have a savvy brain and useful research techniques, as I often use wikis for research on topics I'm interested in. My best skills are my mental intellect and persistence. During the situations I get into, I am able to get out using my quick and clever thinking. I think very logically and rational compared to those around me, and I display a high level of intelligence and maturity. I am very capable of defending vandals off wikis. I have a great level of academic intelligence. I'm very resourceful and I have the ability to outwit others.