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Wapeach Plum

Also known as

Dark Princess Peach


Wario, Waluigi, Wadaisy, Boshi

Princess Wapeach Plum (known in the Fantendo Realm as Warupichi) is a Nintendo/Fantendo character who was originally going to appear in Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64. There, she was going to be the arch-rival of Princess Peach, but Shigeru Miyamoto had scrapped this idea in the last minute. She was designed by Team-Eva of Fantendo.

Life in the Fantendo Realm

In the Fantendo Realm, Wapeach prefers to be called Princess Plum, and her best friends are Wario, Waluigi, and Wadaisy (known as Warudeiji).

Life in Fanon

In other fanon, Wapeach was introduced to Tennis by Wario, after stealing one of Princess Peach's Tennis rackets. Wapeach's Tennis design has caused controversy as she does not wear any undergarments.


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